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Project Abstract
Founded in 1952 by Cason Callaway, the lands of Callaway Gardens located in Pine Mountain Georgia has been nourished for more than 70 years from barren, eroded agricultural fields and managed forests into the diverse, beautiful combination of Gardens, Resort, Preserve, and Community that visitors and residents enjoy today. With Callaway’s continued efforts to revitalize, a joint venture between Callaway Gardens and Cousin Properties was formed. A portion of the efforts to revitalize the resort was to create a golfers dream. This development plan includes a new clubhouse, hotel/rooming inn, as well as 30 cottages nestled between Mountain View Golf Course's 18th fairway and the new 26-acre driving range, Twin Oaks.

Callaway Gardens and Cousin Properties are committed to protecting the natural resources and to creating a healthy connection between people and the natural world. This relaxing, eco-friendly getaway dedicated to the greening of our planet provides environmental education and demonstrates land stewardship for the benefit of future generations. They currently off-set 100% of Callaway Gardens' consumption of electricity by purchasing wind power credits. Through the new development partnership between Cousins Properties & Callaway Gardens, all new commercial buildings are required to achieve LEED Silver Certification or higher, where all residential construction is to achieve EarthCraft Certification.
Master Plan
With several attractions including a Beach amphitheater, Discovery Amphitheater, Butterfly Center, Multiple Gardens as well as Bike Paths, Tennis Center, Gun Club and Ski Pavilion, Callaway gardens has long been a destination for families. Along with Kuo Diedrich, Cousins Properties and Callaway Gardens, enlisted the help of High Grove Partners. Together they developed a detailed master plan for the community and strategy for growth. The First step was to close 27 holes of golf leaving 36 holes of ----Golf. The land previously occupied by golf holes would become a state of the Golf Practice Facility and Golf Village including 29 Golf Cottages, a Rooming House, and a new Clubhouse.

A portion of the Master plan concept was to revitalize the existing golf course, build a new Clubhouse with nearby inn component as well as 30 golf cottages. These, Mountain View, cottages which are Earthcraft certified as is mandated by Callaway Gardens for all new residential product are currently for sale with the option to be placed into the rental program. The cottages which are adjacent to the 18th green also have views expanding out over a 26-acre practice tee. As well as being surrounded by rolling fairways, the cottages surround a village green allowing for guests to wind down the day developing their short game while relaxing under the shade of deep porches typical to the vernacular of the area.
Schematic Design - Golf House
The Master Plan included redefining the golf experience, including a new Golf House adjacent to the 18th hole. The design of the new golf house accentuates your sense of connection to the landscape. The style of the clubhouse is Classic Callaway Architecture reminiscent of the Gardens Restaurant, one of the original resort buildings.
Upon ones arrival into the drive court you are drawn through the uniquely designed golf house out to the fairway of the 18th hole. With the village of cottages located to your right and the rooming house to your left you are immersed in the golf experience. Parking located beyond the rooming house is accessible by an alternate route or through the building providing a passenger and pedestrian passageway.
The program for the Golf house includes: Proshop, Mens & Womens Lockers, as well as Restaurant. The design considered options to expand the restaurant further than its current design of 100 seats of which 40 are outdoors.
Approach Elevation
Golf Elevation
Design Development - Golf House
The Golf house is a central element of the experience. This 10,000 square foot clubhouse is designed with a connection to the natural landscape. The Golf house construction is divided into two phases.

Phase I includes the proshop, restrooms, and lockers along with back of house elements. Phase II will be connected by an open air breezeway that will be a 100 seat dining with supporting program elements.

The breezeway which is aligned with your central approach to the building provides a framed view of the 18th hole connecting ones experience to the natural surroundings.
Floor Plan
Building Section
Rooming House
Located adjacent to phase II of the Golf house, the rooming house consist of six two and three bedroom suites.

As a main element of the entry court this three story building is surrounded by an exterior breezeway that overlooks the green and has views of the course and the golf village across the central green providing a unique resort experience.
The Mountain View Golf Cottages
Five cottage types were designed within the existing Callaway Gardens design guidelines. Several of the key features include screened porches with large French doors allowing the outside to flow in with the inside. Front porches opening to the village green are inviting and offer a relaxing retreat from an outing. These cottages vary from two to four bedroom one and two story homes with full kitchens and spacious living rooms, including card areas and recreational lofts. The cottages are Earthcraft Platinum certified with features such as Icynene foam insulation system, geothermal heating and cooling, and low voc products.
Birdseye View of the Cottages
Concept Elevations

EarthCraft House, created in 1999, is a residential green building program of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association in partnership with The Southface Energy Institute. This program serves as a blueprint for energy- and resource -efficient homes.
The Mountain View Cottages
Real Estate Sales Center
As you enter Callaway gardens you wind your way through a dense forest of long leaf pines. The natural pines eventually open up to pasture grasses which gradually slope to the hill side.

In the field sits the newly constructed Sales Center. Designed to be a LEED Gold Certified building the sales center is the newest building to represent Cousin’s and Callaway Gardens continued commitment to the environment. The Sales Center will be the central location for information regarding Callaway Gardens residential product.

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Solar Study
Sales Center Concept Elevation
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
LEED Certification In the United States and in a number of other countries around the world, LEED certification is the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. Achieving LEED certification is the best way for you to demonstrate that your building project is truly "green."

The LEED green building rating system is designed to promote design and construction practices that increase profitability while reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings and improving occupant health and well-being. The Callaway Gardens Real Estate Sales Center received certification review by the USGBC for a LEED Gold rating.
The Sales Center Under Construction

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Example: Application of Icynene during construction Icynene insulation is recognized across America for contributing to improved indoor air quality. It’s a soft foam insulation product proven to air-seal and reduce unwanted noise. By expanding to 100 times its volume, Icynene fills holes, gaps, and cracks through which sound penetrates. Icynene is more Energy Efficient. It pays for itself in energy savings! It can potentially reduce air infiltration by more than 90% with just the application alone.
The Callaway Gardens Sales Center
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